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Playlist: All About Words

November 1, 2011

Okay, writers. This one’s for you, especially if you’ve signed up for a writing challenge called National Novel Writing Month, which starts today! Thirteen songs, enough to fit nicely on a CD, that pertain to writing in some way or another—and don’t try to tell me Struggle doesn’t fit—we’ve all struggled to get words at some point, so it’s in.

Enjoy, and happy writing.

Write through the Night Mirrors Lights and Offerings
Words Doves The Last Broadcast
Everyday I Write the Book Elvis Costello The Best of Elvis Costello
Paper Talking Heads Fear of Music
Written in Reverse Spoon Transference
Struggle Ringside Ringside
Write Your Story Ken Andrews Secrets of the Lost Satellite
The Story And One Virgin Superstar
Every Word Hybrid Disappear Here
Cello Song (feat. Jose Gonzalez) The Books Dark was the Night
Publish My Love Rogue Wave Descended Like Vultures

Listen to this playlist on youtube @ All About Words

(Images courtesy of Marija Jure, Tiina Ti, Nick Normann, Thijs de Leeuw @ stock.xchng)


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