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I Wrote This?

September 18, 2011

10,355 words today. This has to be my limit, even if I am just mostly copying words from the handwritten, taped, and glued cut to a clean draft. Tomorrow, no writing, lest I turn into a zombie permanently.

And I wrote this!?

For, as the darkness recoiled from Nick back to Jack, she saw all of Jack. She saw his remorseless acquisition of that which others had toiled to achieve, the joyless hoarding of souls. Collecting the wings that took others out of darkness and mounting them like butterflies behind glass, forever flightless, dulling as time burnished the fairy dust that once made their wings shimmer. At the end, she saw the form that spun inside the glass vial emerge, fluttering from the ethereal to the material, to supple living, pulsing flesh, from a cloud into stone and from stone to flesh. For less than an instant, which in her world of elastic time could last a lifetime, she caught the anguish in Jade’s symmetrical features, as the secrets of her existence floated free between them, a butterfly out of its element in the rainy night air. 

Yes, I need to learn the value of an occasional verb. But, where in the name of heaven, did I get those words?

(Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Ruchti at Stock.xchng)


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