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Doodles are Invading My Revision

July 31, 2011

1662 words on the revision. My goal was 20k words of revision in July, and I squeaked under the deadline with 20,025 words.

I am surprised how much I enjoy the cutting and the pasting and the big red ‘x’s in the block revision. But today my pen took another surprising turn, when at the end of the scene I started drawing the little thoughts I had as I wrote that didn’t make it into the story. I’ve always ended every scene I with a little flourish, sometimes even drawn using a template. It is my feeble effort to make this whole mess look a little prettier. I had an art minor in college. I guess this was bound to happen.

The past few day’s flourishes took a different direction entirely, as one can see from the attached scans. 

This could be the beginning of something cool.

Or maybe this revision has simply driven me over the edge of sanity.


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